Kerala PSC SALES ASSISTANT GRADE II Examination Questions

1. Which of the following number is divisible by 11?
A] 8294627
B] 3495714
C] 7546743
D] 974362
Answer :- 8294627

2. What should be the measure of the diagonal of a square whose area is 162 cm2?
A] 15 cm
B] 19 cm
C] 18 cm
D] 14 cm
Answer :- 18 cm

3. 25 women can complete a work in 5 days. In how many days will 30 women can complete that work?
A] 7 days
B] 6 days
C] 8 days
D] 10 days
Answer :- NO ANSWER

4. Find the sum of the numbers lying between 200 and 700 which are multiple of 5?
A] 44550
B] 34440
C] 65240
D] 32300
Answer :- 44550

5. The different between 72% and 54% of a number is 432. What is 55% of that number.
A] 1355
B] 1445
C] 1420
D] 1320
Answer :- 1320

6. A cylinder of radius 4 cm and height 10 cm is melted and recasted into a sphere of radius 2 cm. How many such sphere are got?
A] 25
B] 30
C] 15
D] 28
Answer :- 15

7. Nine years ago the age of Athira was five times that of Ammu's age. After nine years Athira's age will be twice of Ammu's age. Athira's present age is
A] 21
B] 24
C] 32
D] 27
Answer :- 24

8. 2016 January 22nd is Friday. Find 2016 August 20
A] Friday
B] Tuesday
C] Thursday
D] Saturday
Answer :- Saturday

9. A train 520 m long is running with a speed of 90 km/hr. In what time will it cross a bridge 130 m long.
A] 26 seconds
B] 25 seconds
C] 32 seconds
D] 30 seconds
Answer :- 26 seconds

Answer :- 2

11. If FATHER is coded IDWKHU, then the code for MOTHER will be:
Answer :- PRWKHU

12. Three of the following four pair of numbers are alike in a certain way and so they form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group.
A] 2,10
B] 3,26
C] 5,124
D] 4,63
Answer :- 2,10

13. Among the four options given below find the word which does not have a related meaning as the word 'Judicious'
A] Justice
B] Wise
C] Prudent
D] Discreet
Answer :- Justice

14. Among the four options given below find the word which has opposite meaning of the word 'combat'
A] Compete
B] Contest
C] Yield
D] Fight
Answer :- Yield

15. Choose the pair in which the words are differently related
A] Canberra - Australia
B] Algeria - Africa
C] Norway - Europe
D] Iran - Asia
Answer :- Canberra - Australia

16. In the following, find the number that replaces the '??'
846 : 624 : 774 : ??
A] 331
B] 263
C] 467
D] 552
Answer :- 552

17. Examine carefully the following statements and answer the question given below 16. Arrange the following words as per the order in the dictionary
A and B play Football and Cricket
B and C play Cricket and Hockey
A and D play Basketball and Football
C and D play Football and Basketball
Who plays Football, Basketball and Hockey?
A] A
B] B
C] C
D] D
Answer :- D

18. Arrange the following words as per the order in the dictionary:
1] Ambitious
2] Ambiguous
3] Ambiguity
4] Animation
5] Amphibians
A] 3,2,1,4,5
B] 3,2,1,5,4
C] 1,2,3,5,4
D] 2,3,1,4,5
Answer :-  3,2,1,5,4

19. If February 1, 2004 is Wednesday, then what day is March 3, 2004?
A] Monday
B] Sunday
C] Friday
D] Saturday
Answer :- Saturday

20. In the following number series, one number is wrong. Find the wrong number
Number Series :- 1,2,6,15,31,56,91
A] 31
B] 91
C] 15
D] 56
Answer :- 91
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