Kerala PSC Block Panchayath Secretary Answer Key 2015 -1 (ME)

Kerala Public Service Commission Panchayath Secretary in Rural Department Previous Question Paper. This Examination is held on 04 July 2015 by Public Service Commission in Various Centers Around Kerala. Please Read the following Question and Score More Mark in Your Upcomming Examination Of Kerala Public Service Commission.

81. Amoung the following list, choose the one that is different from the other ones
A] Potato
B] Cabbage
C] Carrot
D] Beet root
82. From the following options, choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word 'illustrious'?
A] Decorated
B] Imaginative
C] Famous
D] Informal
83. On 9th November 2014, Johnson and Lisa celebrated their 6th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. What will be the day of their 10th anniversary?
A] Tuesday
B] Wednesday
C] Thursday
D] Friday
84. Cup is to coffee as plate is to:
A] Spoon
B] Hotel
C] Idli
D] Waiter
85. Complete the following series:
IF, JH, LJ, OL, __
86. Salim walked 100 M facing towards South. From there he turned lrft and walked 40m. Thereafter, he turned to his left, walked 100m and stopped. How far and in what direction is salim now from his starting point?
A] 60 m  North
B] 40 m East
C] 60 m East
D] 40 m West
87. In a row of students, Sherin is 12th from the left and Athira is 19th from the right. If they interchange their positions, Sherin becomes 16th from the left. Then what will be the position of Athira from the right?
A] 22
88. Raghu said, " Manju's father is the brother of my sister's son". How is Manju's father related to Raghu?
A] Grandfather
B] Cousin
C] Nephew
D] None of these
89. If the following words are arranged accoring to the dictionary order, which will be the second word in that order?
A] Disgrace
B] Disgruntled
C] Disgorge
D] Disguise
90. If PUBLISH is coded as BLUSHIP, how will DESTROY be coded?
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