Kerala PSC FIREMAN Examination Answer Key (Mental Ability)

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1. Which one do not belongs to the group :- 31, 41, 51, 61
A] 31
B] 41
C] 51
D] 61

2. The time in a clock is 11:30. What will be the time shown in the mirror image?
A] 11:40
B] 12:10
C] 12:40
D] 11:50 NO Answer

3. A is the Son of B; C is the Son of D; A is married to E; E is D's Daughter. How is C related to A?
A] Brother
B] Father-in-Law
C] Uncle
D] Brother-in-Law

4. Choose the odd one
A] Square
B] Hexagon
C] Pentagon
D] Cube

5. John travels 7 km to the North. Then he turns to the right and walk 3 km. Then again he turns to his right and moves 7 km forward. How many km away is he from the starting point?
A] 3 km
B] 10 km
C] 13 km
D] 21 km

6. Choose the missing letters :- ab_bc_a_cbca_bc
A] caba
B] cbaa
C] bcaa
D] abbc

7. If 12X13=6; 15x22=20 then 16x23=??
A] 18
B] 24
C] 39
D] 36

8. Find the next turm :- 100, 102, 105, 110, 117, ____
A] 126
B] 130
C] 127
D] 135 No Answer

9. If DELHI is coded as 73541 and CULCUTTA is coded as 82589662 then how can CALICUT be coded?
A] 5279431
B] 5978213
C] 8251896
D] 8543691

10. Bear : Cub :: Horse : ____?___
A] Kid
B] Cub
C] Calf
D] Pony
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